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Permanent Makeup Services Austin

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Austin Pflugerville  Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoo Specialists  

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Austin Pflugerville Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading or Combination Brows $450
Ombre Brow / Shading $450
Annual Brow Touch Up ( shape already established ) $275
Permanent Eyeliner Top & Bottom $399
Bottom eyeliner $199
Top Ombre Liner $399
Top Winged Liner $399
Lash Dotting $199
Microblading & Eyeliner Pack ( SAVE $250) $599
Semi Permanent Lipstick or Lip Blush $399
Full Face (Brows, Liner, Lipstick) (SAVE $300) $950
Semi Permanent Beauty Mark $95
Semi Permanent Freckles $175
Scalp Micropigmentation ( Per quarter sized area) $175
ACID or LASER Microblading Tattoo Removal $99


Semi-Permanent Makeup Glossary 

Microblading Add hair/texture back to the brow for a natural appearance (illusion of natural hair strokes). Great for people with patchy to little eyebrow hair to reconstruct the brow shape. Shading can be combined for a depth
Ombre Brow / Shading The look of filled in brows with powder, pencil or gel makeup. Great for people who have eyebrow hair and are tired of applying makeup to achieve the desired look & shape
Brow Touch Up (shape already established) Had your brows done somewhere else and simply need a touch up? We can do it!
Semi Permanent Eyeliner Micro pigment applied to natural lash line top & bottom as thick or thin as you like. Color choices are Black, Dark Brown or Dark Grey. Results last 8-12 months gradually fading over time.
Top Semi Permanent Ombre Liner A semi permanent Smokey soft look. No hard edge, very natural.
Top Semi Permanent Winged Liner A semi permanent winged liner as dramatic or slight as you like
Lash Dotting Add a bit of density to the very base of your lash line a few dots here and there make a huge difference.
Semi Permanent Lipstick or Lip Blush A flush the lip or a full on opaque color, wake up looking fresh and alive! Results last 8-12 months gradually fading over time.
Beauty Mark Add a Cindy Crawford beauty mark anywhere you like!
Scalp Micropigmentation Got a pesky bald spot on your head or thinning hair? Micro pigment can camouflage the area and look amazingly natural

Saline Li-Ft

Microblading or Small Tattoo Removal (Per Session)

Non laser tattoo removal using hypertonic saline solution. The formulation will cause the hypertonic reaction within the cells and will release the particles of ink.

Permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos are a type of micro-pigmentation (also called derma graphics or micro-pigment implantation). The type of ink used in permanent makeup is different than the ink used in traditional tattoos.The results are natural looking and resemble excellent makeup application, not black/green unnatural tones and shapes. Results last 8-12 months gradually fading over time.


Full Face: Eyeliner, Microblading, Lip Blush 




(more before & afters on microblading page)

Soft or Bold Liner



Scalp Micropigmentation

Semi Permanent Lip Tint "Lip Blush"






Brow & Liner Combo Pack




Why Semi Permanent Makeup

Just think what you could have done in the the quantity of time you've spent over the years creating your perfectly shaped brow and equally impressive eyeliner strokes. Imagine being pleased with what you see in your cars fold down mirror after swimming or a long day at work. Permanent makeup allows you to effortlessly maintain the unique look you have been crafting for your face each morning without doing any of the work. Makeup reflects how we want others to perceive us, it could be soft and natural or bold and bright, whatever your look, we can create it permanently! B. Sweet specializes in professionally applied cosmetic tattooing perfectly suited for your personality and facial features. Don't worry, you'll love it!



Its not like it used to be. The color range and quality of tattoo pigments or (micro pigments) for permanent makeup have made huge advances. Brow & Eyeliner pigments are True Colors cosmetic pigments.  (Iron Oxide, D&C & FD&C) are produced using ingredients, which are certified & approved for use in topical applications in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended. All True Colors pigments are produced in keeping with the highest standards for purity and have been tested to conform to their respective specifications for use in Micropigmentation procedures.

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