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Eyelash Extensions Pflugerville & Hutto

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No lash extension memberships or exorbitant prices like those other places plus only advanced lash techs and products to ensure lash health & maximum retension!      

We give the people what they want!

Eyelash extensions are an art. Lashes range in length, diameter & shape. Don't know what to book? Describe the look you are going for, and our MASTER lash artists suggest the type thats right for you. We hire only advanced, experienced lash artists & use Lashbox LA adhesive so you are assured the quality, lash retension & look is outstanding! 

Coming from another lash studio? No problem. Book a Foreign lash fill!



Our Signature Lash Looks!

Classic Full Set (Single lashes applied lash by lash) - 2 hours $129
Hybrid Full Set ( Single Lashes & 6D Lashes ) - 2 hours $134
Rapid Lash Full Set ( Any lash style by our most experienced techs in less time ) 1.5 hours
Volume ( All 6D lashes ) - 2 hours $154
Mega Volume Full Set  ( All 10D ) - 2 hours


Russian Hand Made Volume - 3 hours


Classic 60 Minute Fill

Classic 90 Minute Fill $89
Hybrid 60 Minute Fill $74
Hybrid 90 Minute Fill $99
Volume 60 Minute Fill $79
Volume 90 Minute Fill $99
Mega Volume Fill 1 hour Fill





1.5 Hour Fill                                 $89


(844) 279-3381  BOOK ONLINE

Eyelash Extension Glossary

Classic Full Set Single eyelash extension applied to each individual natural lash 90 -100 natural lashes per eye on average. 2 hours to apply, 2-3 weeks wear before fill
Hybrid Full Set
Single eyelash extensions plus strategically placed 6D lashes to create a fuller affect than a classic or ellipse set but not as dramatic as a flutter full set that uses all 6D lashes. Great for people that want more lash density without looking over the top.
Volume Full Set
Multi pronged 6D lashes applied to each single natural lash for a very full dense look. 2 hours to apply, 2-3 weeks wear before fill
Russian Volume
Handmade fans are the most luxurious type of eyelash extensions and the most difficult skill to master. The artist hand makes each luxurious lightweight fan, then fan is fasined by wrapping the group around the  natural lash.  The result is fluffy & the weight of the extension evenly distributed for maximum retension Try it! You'll be impressed.
All of the eyelash extension densities above can be tailored to your eye shape & desired look. Try an "open eye" look or a sultry cat eye the world is your oyster!
Fill Replacement of lashes that fell or shed since the initial application 2 weeks from initial appointment we recommend 60 min 3 weeks we recommend 90 min
Lash Extension Removal (Less than half a set remaining) Glue dissolving goop applied to lashes then gently removed using spooly & tweezers

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Eyelash Extension Expectations & Warnings 

Approximately 3-5% of the human population is currently allergic or will eventually develop an allergy. An eyelash glue allergy may develop many exposures later. Lash Extensions & Lash lifts are at risk for eye damage and eye irritation. All staff are trained professionals however, the service is not without risk. By booking the service you agree to the risks & outcomes and no sought medical expenses will be reimbursed by B. Sweet.

 If you are allergic to eyelash glue you can develop swelling and noticeable redness accompanied by itchiness and watery eyes that may take a few hours to develop. 

Professional remover is the safest & least damaging way to remove eyelash extensions. If you wish to remove your extensions, we recommend booking Lash Removal.

We will provide a lash removal & refund on the house in the case of allergic reaction. We do not refund eyelash extension services unless a removal is performed within 4 days of the application.

Expect 3-7 lash extensions to fall out per eye per day. Things such as humidity, allergy, sleeping on your lashes, watery eyes during application, watery eyes after application, oily skin care products, oily skin in general, eye rubbing, or your natural lash shedding cycle etc. can affect initial retention. We closely monitor lash retention statistics by store - about 1% of our  lash applications experience unusual fallout. If you experience unusal fallout (More than half your lashes within 3 days) we will provide a FREE 60 minute fix within 1 week of your appointment, If we are fully booked within that week and cannot get you in for an appointment, we will provide a extra 60 minutes of lashing time free to your next scheduled 1 hour appointment making the appointment 2 hours to ensure you get back to a full status.