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Body Cavitation

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Ultrasonic Body Cavitation 

Body Cavitation is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses ultrasound technology to break down fat deposits, Radio Frequency to tighten skin & Vacuum Bipolar RF to reduce cellulite! 6 to 8 treatments for best results. This treatment is best for light fat reduction & body smoothing. Give it a try!

$99 per SESSION

Stomach / Legs / Arms / Bottom

You may consider our EM CONTOUR Non-invasive muscle building treatment for more dramatic results in fat reduction with less focus on skin tightening.

Cavitation - Fat Cell reduction
Radio Frequency - Improves elasticity, stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles, lifts and tightens the skin
Ultrasonic - lifts and tightens the skin, fat cell reduction
Cool Probe - Calms skin and reduces pores
Vacuum Bipolar RF - Firming, contour sculpting and cellulite reduction

What areas can you treat with Ultrasonic Cavitation? 

The fat cavitation treatment is suitable to safely reduce unwanted fat from all major areas, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Upper arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Buttocks

What results can you expect from fat cavitation?

  • Volume reduction of fatty layers
  • Body shaping and contouring
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Skin tightening and reduced dimpling when applied in conjunction with Radio Frequency or Vacuum RF