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Body Piercing Pflugerville

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Body Piercing Pflugerville

Have a wonderful piercing experience at our beautiful fully licensed tattoo & piercing studio. We offer a variety of beautiful jewelry options.
Our piercing staff has years of piercing experience to ensure you have the least amount of trauma to the skin and best possible healed result. Let your imagination run wild to create a beautiful custom ear, nose or navel look!
Kids under 15 require a birth certificate as well as parent or guardian photo ID per Texas state law. 16 to 18 ID plus parent with ID present. 18+ ID only. Licenced Piercing studio #1001705


Earlobe ( 1 lobes) $29
Earlobe ( 2 lobes) $59
Cartilage ( Tragus, Helix, Conch) $59
Nostril / Navel $59
Jewelry Change Out $30

Piercing prices do not include Jewelry. Classic titanium ranges from $29 to $59



B. Sweet Piercing Protocol

All Instruments are treated with a Class B Autoclave machine similar to the ones used in dental offices for complete sterilization. For the piercing, basic hypoallergenic surgical steel jewelry is included. Upgraded jewelry options are also available for additional purchase price.


Boost your Look with Jewelry UPGRADES!

Titanium CARTILAGE Option Examples (Stock Changes Daily)



14K Solid Gold CARTILAGE Option Examples (Stock Changes Daily)

14K Solid White Gold & VS1 Diamond Nose Available 



Piercing Aftercare 
  • Refrain from pulling, spinning, or touching your new piercing. Doing so puts you at risk for irritation or infection.
  • Create a cleaning routine and implement it twice a day. Store-bought cleaning solutions can be utilized to simplify this process.
  • Your new piercing is no different than an open wound. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughlybefore making contact with the jewelry or surrounding skin area.
  • piercing is likely to swell during this process, so allowing extra room for this will alleviate any irritation and make for a speedier healing process.
  • Avoid over-cleaning your piercing. The natural bacteria that surrounds this area is powerful in the healing process. Stripping these natural bacteria might slow the process.
  • If experience discomfort or notice discoloration around the piercing area, see a doctor or piercing professional immediately. Early detection is the best way to prevent further complications in many cases.