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Laser Rosacea & Vein Treatment

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Lasers have been used to treat a variety of vascular abnormalities for over 20 years! Spider veins, broken capillaries & Rosacea can be fully cleared in 1 to 3 sessions!

IPL VS LASER Therapy for Veins & Redness - Which is better?

IPL vascular Therapy disperses energy over a larger target area while treating a broader area of skin. The light penetrates the second layer of skin to destroy damaged blood vessels without damaging the top layer. The treated blood vessels disintegrate and are naturally eliminated by the body. The effect is milder than laser therapy and requires no downtime

Laser vein therapy directs an intense, targeted beam of light to irritate the walls of the damaged vein, causing the veins to collapse. Once the veins collapse, your body will naturally remove them. Laser therapy provides more dramatic results in fewer sessions than IPL treatment, although more powerful laser treatments often require a longer recovery time as they slightly damage the outer layer of skin. 


Our 980nm Laser therapy provides a fast and effective way to reduce and remove superficial vascular lesions and diffuse redness. The laser penetrates to the depth of the target blood vessel, whilst the laser's energy selectively destroys the blood cells within the blood vessel with little damage to the surrounding tissue


After laser vein removal?
Avoid abrasions of any kind from scrubbing, exfoliating creams or even rough towels. Avoid sunbathing, sun beds, solarium spas, swimming or sporting activity. Avoid saunas, steam or other heat treatments of any kind. Keep the area as dry as possible, avoiding infection.  
Do veins come back after laser treatment?
The targeted spider veins can't come back, but you can still develop new spider veins, especially if your vein doctor doesn't identify and treat underlying vein disease