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What is tattoo removal?

A tattoo is a permanent form of body modification where an artist injects inks and pigments (dyes) into your skin. Tattoo removal is a procedure to remove this permanent ink from your body. Normally, your immune system works to remove foreign particles from your body, but ink particles are too big for your immune system to remove, which is why they’re permanent. Tattoo removal can take several sessions to complete. This happens because permanent ink granules from professional tattoos exist below your skin’s surface.

How does tattoo removal work?

The goal of tattoo removal is to break down permanent ink particles into smaller particles that your immune system can safely remove from your body. Our Picosecond laser adopts 1064nm & 532nm wavelength. The Pico laser uses ultra-short pulses that diffuse ink particles with high pressure. As a result, the ink breaks into small dust particles. After they are broken down, these particles are easily absorbed and eliminated by the body. The results are better removal of the tattoo and fewer procedures to completely remove it.

Benefits of using Pico laser

  • Pico lasers offer a safe treatment and it can be used for darker skin types too. It is because when the energy is delivered into the skin it shatters the pigment which is called the chromophore and there is no dissipation of heat.
  • It has the Pico focus array – there is a collagen-stimulating anti-aging handpiece that you could put on this laser platform. It is a great preventative approach to stimulating collagen producing and really great anti-aging properties.
  • The laser is exquisitely great at treating brown spots – whether you have brown spots on the back of your hand or on your face, the laser will help reduce the incidence of brown.
  • Pico laser may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sunspots, freckles, other scars.
  • The procedure is really quick. One session only lasts about ten minutes. If you have a large tattoo, deep scar, or other major imperfection, you may need multiple sessions.
  • The laser is designed to maximize results while minimizing discomfort and eliminating long-term skin damage.
  • The effect of Pico laser procedure comes after the first session. You will see the tattoo is becoming faded.



TATTOO 2X2 inches (small) $150
TATTOO 4X4 inches (medium) $175
TATTOO 6X6 inches (large)
10 PACKAGE (small) $999
10 PACKAGE (medium)


10 PACKAGE (large) $1750