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Laser Hair Removal Pflugerville

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Become FREE of unwanted hair with our triple wavelength FDA Cleared diode laser hair removal laser! 



Any 2 small areas - 30 minute appointment 10 sessions $999

Any 1 large area - 30 minute appointment 10 sessions $999 

Triple Wavelength Diode Laser is a cutting edge technology in the field of Laser Hair Reduction. This machine is like a “magic wand” which gives better than expected results. The technology comprises of gold standard 755nm, 808nm & 1064nm. The triple wavelengths work together to give the best results for all hair and skin tones! 

Fully Licensed Laser Facility

Laser Hair removal facility license number ZF10486
Laser safety officer Dana Mccasland 
Consulting physicians Dr. Shane Keller & Dr. Greggory Catlett  
Certificate of registration for lasers THHD  Z06417

Preparatory Care Procedures

Prior to undergoing treatment, one must avoid over-exposure to sunlight or using tanning treatments. Prepare this at least a month prior to the treatment date.

It is likewise necessary to have the area to be treated shaved a day or two prior the appointment date. If the area is not shaved we may shave the area with an additional fee.

Please do not wax, tweeze, or use hair-removing creams that can affect in greatly decreasing the efficacy of laser hair removal treatments.

It is recommended to check with us if the patient is taking any medications. There are those that can affect the skin's photosensitivity and therefore can be dangerous when undergoing any laser treatment.


Potential Risks and Expectations

The following are possible risks that patients may experience with the hair removal treatment:

Minor wounds. Laser hair removal treatment can result in blistering, flaking of the skin, or sometimes swelling on the surface of the treated skin areas. In such cases, it is recommended that the area should heal first prior to undergoing another treatment.

Discomfort. Patients may experience discomfort during the treatment. Please take note that this is a normal occurrence. 

Pigment changes. There is the possibility that there might be a darkening or lightening of the color of the skin during the healing process. This is usually temporary but on rare occasions, it can be permanent.

Eye exposure. Exposure to the eye with lasers can lead to temporary or permanent eye damage. However, please take note that we will provide eye protection during the treatment period. Please keep the protection on during the treatment and do not remove it unless allowed by us.

Scar. Scarring might occur in rare instances, especially if the prior or post procedures are not complied with. Thus, it is important that the pre and post-procedural treatment guidelines are carefully followed.

Post Care Instructions

Avoid scratching, touching, or picking on your skin's treated area as this may get irritated or infected. Avoid any tanning lotion or being exposed under the sun for long periods within the first 3 days after treatment. This may cause hyper pigmentation on the treated area.